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Affordable Housing

In order to protect our quality of life while preserving the character of our neighborhoods that draw people here from all around the world, we need to address the following as we work to build more affordable housing:

1) Density - SF has the highest density housing in the Bay Area.  Our suburbs are 1/2 to 1/3 and even less dense than our surrounding communities.  Accordingly, we are doing more than our fair share of new housing so I plan to work with our neighboring cities and towns to build more affordable housing projects.  I also plan to work with companies, especially from the Tech Industry, to establish satellite offices throughout California's college towns (i.e. Merced, Stockton, Fresno, and more) that suffer higher unemployment and underemployment compared to the City and Silicon Valley. 


This strategy will help spread opportunity while being a "Win-Win-Win" scenario because:

  • Companies will gain access to an educated workforce at lower costs

  • Employees will gain affordable housing and enjoy a higher quality of life 

  • Municipalities will be able to build and support more infrastructure including for education, water, roads, helping the homeless, and more!

2) Location - The West side of SF was designed and built for families.  Many homes have backyards and access to neighborhood schools that help define our treasured area of the City.  On the other hand, the East side of the City is valued by many young professionals who are starting their careers for the closer location to jobs, nightlife, tourist attractions, closer access to freeways, the ballpark, and more on that side of the SF.  Accordingly, the East side of SF is a better fit for more of the density (yet please visit the importance of addressing our infrastructure issues).  

3) Speculation - Far too often, we've all heard stories of non-US speculators who are purchasing single-family and multi-family homes for profit which hurts the ability of San Franciscans, and especially young families, to stay in the City.  We need to keep our city vibrant with their ability to attract and keep young families in SF who are particularly hurt by these predatory practices.  


4) Proposed Senate Bills 827 & 828 - These will take away local zoning and planning from SF leading to accelerated evictions, much greater population density in the City, more infrasture problems, and ultimately even greater unaffordable housing in "luxury" towers.  We need to stand against these proposed bills in order to prevent the Manhattanization of SF thereby preserving the character and charm of the City that draws people from all around the world to our beautiful San Francisco!  

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