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Oath of Office - AD19 Declaration of Candidacy


  • California Republican Party

  • San Francisco Republican Party

  • San Mateo Republican Party

  • California Chinese American Republican Association

  • Log Cabin Republicans of San Francisco

  • San Francisco for Democracy


  • Anthony Ribera, Chief of Police, SFPD (1992-1996)

  • Captain Gregory Corrales, SFPD (Retired, 2014)

  • Michael J. Antonini, DDS, Member, SF Planning Commission (2002-2016)

  • Rudy Asercion, Board Member, SF Filipino American Chamber of Commerce*

  • Mari-Eliza Deschaine, Delegate, Coalition for SF Neighborhoods*

  • Harold M. Hoogasian, President Hoogasian Flowers

  • Leo Martinez, Delegate, Coalition for SF Neighborhoods*

  • Ozzie Rohm, Delegate, Coalition for SF Neighborhoods*

  • George Wooding, Past President, West of Twin Peaks Central Council*


*Organizations listed for identification purposes only​

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