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SF has the highest density of homelessness in California even though the SF Bay Area municipalities have far less population and residential density, ranging from half to a third and even lower density, so they need to do their fair share to help fix this crisis:

1) Identification - A plan needs to be put in place to identify who are the homeless, where they are from, and the reasons behind their homelessness.  


2) Temporary Housing - We need to be committed to fixing then properly maintaining the temporary housing that is already in place.  Too many of these facilities are falling into a horrible state of squalor due to over-crowding that is leading to ever increasing public health and safety problems.  


3) Local Community Cures - Next, we need to have a plan that enables cities and counties to cooperate and coordinate to repatriate people to their home-town communities that are in the ideal position to support their own homeless.  Accordingly, at the State level we need to implement legislation to encourage cities and counties across California to retain and rehabilitate their homeless and not send them to other municipalities where social services are overloaded such as in SF.  

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